• Ben Henschel

Booker announces 2020 Run

Updated: Jan 11

We all knew this would happen, but that doesn't make it any less exciting. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey released a video via Twitter at 7 a.m. CT announcing his official Democratic candidacy in 2020.

The video begins with Booker walking on the streets of New Jersey, greeting city goers casually and walking with a purpose. Or, rather, remarking upon the lack thereof.

Animated captions described the "shared pain" present among Americans currently, then claimed that it's missing a "sense of common purpose." He's got a point, but it's a broad statement. There are loads of shared pains, and yeah — with the polarization caused by the Trump administration, common purpose seems a long way away.

Booker's been criticized for being staged, or maybe a bit preachy. I'd agree, but so are all politicians. That's the job. Booker excites me (and quite a few others) because he's presidential.

We haven't been absent from a president that's staged or preachy, but we've absolutely been absent from one that seems presidential. Some may advocate for Trump's "politically incorrect-and-proud" demeanor and his "appeal" to the common man, but that's not at all appealing to me, or what I'd consider to be representative of the modern (and moral) common man.

Booker exemplifies these values in more ways than I could count. He's been fighting against those who don't since his 2002 mayoral loss in Newark, the one that was climactic enough to turn into a Netflix documentary. I highly recommend watching it, especially given Booker's now official candidacy.

The Democratic side's stacking up. They've added Booker to an extensive list including the likes of Senator Kamala Harris (promising), Senator Elizabeth Warren (not a fan), Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (definitely not a fan) and Mayor Pete Buttigieg (promising, too) of South Bend, Indiana.

Just 641 more days to see who's in.